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SL2 Anniversary Body Only

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Price: £449

Item Description

The Leicaflex SL2 was introduced in 1974. Leitz modified the SL model to include an aperture read-out in the finder, viewfinder illumination, increased the sensitivity of the exposure meter, hot shoe and a modified mirror mechanism.

The changes to the mirror mechanism meant that new wide-angle lenses could now be fitted to the camera.

This model dates from 1975 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Leica camera.

Seen by many as the best of this range of Leica cameras, the SL2 was Leica's last all-mechanical reflex body camera until the R6 and is becoming increasingly hard to find making this special edition a particularly impressive addition to any enthusiast's collection.

Camera Type: Single Lens Reflex camera
Film Size: 35mm
Lens mount: Leica R bayonet

AF: no
Film Rewind: manual
Flash: external

Power Source: 1 x PX625 battery
Dimensions (mm): 148 x 97 x 57
Weight (g): 770

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